February 11 2020 capricorn horoscope

Moon (Virgo) Trine Pluto (Capricorn)

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Saturn return is a big deal, and it may be painful. Alternatively, if your experience thus far has been plagued by challenges, hardships, and difficult choices, Saturn will reward your resilience. Finally, a cosmic payout on your karmic investments! The most important pro tip: Befriend the taskmaster planet. Are you on the path to realizing your best self, making your own decisions, and following through — or are you facing dead ends in areas of your life, from your career to your personal relationships?

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You're about to find out, and when you do, don't shy away from big decisions and fresh starts. So buckle up, cosmic warriors.


By the end of these three years, virtually everything in your life will be different, so why not enjoy the ride? You're about to learn a lot about yourself, and that is worth celebrating.

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Find Aliza on Instagram , Twitter , and her website. By Nicola Dall'Asen. By Marci Robin. Is there anything special about a Saturn return in Capricorn? How can I survive Saturn return?

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The Moon is in fellow Earth sign Capricorn today, Taurus, and it will meet with Saturn this morning, finding you reflecting on some serious issues. The vibe is very heavy today, Gemini, as the Moon and Saturn meet in Earth sign Capricorn, in the sector of your chart that rules intimacy and shared resources.

Capricorn Horoscope

The Moon is in Capricorn, your opposite sign today, Cancer, and it will meet with the planet of commitment, Saturn, this morning, finding you considering important agreements in your relationships. The Moon is in hard working Capricorn today, and it will meet with taskmaster Saturn this morning in the sector of your chart that rules your daily routines and responsibilities, making this a good opportunity to cross items off your to-do list. The Moon is in fellow Earth sign Capricorn today, Virgo, and there is a serious mood in the air.

Important issues concerning your home, family, and private life come up for you today, Libra. Serious conversations arrive, Scorpio, thanks to the Moon in Capricorn meeting with taskmaster Saturn. Ask someone older and wiser for help; it will benefit you. This may be pointing out the things that need to be worked on by both of you to improve the relationship, otherwise it may not be worth keeping. Watch for getting too worked up at home, because you could have an accident at home, and cause even more stress!

You likely need a solid emotional outlet and good emotional support so you can get through the retrograde alright.

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Once the retrograde is over, Mars will still be in your home and family sector to the end of the year, and you can work to get back on track with whatever gets thrown off, and try to improve your family connections and make your home feel more like home. Capricorn Mental State Horoscope.

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Neptune is in one of the sectors ruling your mind all year, and you can be more charismatic in your communications, and understand what people mean regardless of what they say. You can sense what other people are thinking, and sense what the right thing is to say. This may not be the case while Mercury is retrograde in this sector the second half of February though, and you may struggle with focus and paying attention.

You may feel misunderstood and may need to find other ways of expressing yourself.

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  8. Mars will be in this sector mid-May through June, and you can regain your focus, come up with plenty of ideas, and have the energy you need to make them take off. Mars will be in the sector that rules your subconscious mind to start the year to mid-February, so you may go into wanting to take time to get in touch with your subconscious. You can be more introspective, reflecting on the past and issues, and this can give you the opportunity to let go and move on with less baggage.

    You can focus on your motivations and desires and issues, and strengthen your intuition. Capricorn General Horoscope.