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He is deprived of comforts of conveyances. If Gulika be in the 5th house, the native will be badly disposed and fickle minded. He will be short lived. If Gulika be in the 6th house, the native takes interest in demonology. He will be brave and will vanquish his enemies. He will be blessed with a son possessing good qualities.

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If Gulika be in the 7th house, the native will be quarrelsome and a public enemy. He will be dull minded, some what of angry temperament and ungrateful. He will have many wives. If Gulika be in the 8th house, the native will be short statured. He will have a deformed face and impaired eyes. If Gulika be in the 9th house the native will be devoid of elderly relations or preceptor and children.

If Gulika be in the 10th house, the native does not perform auspicious or good deeds and will not be charitable. If Gulika be in the 11th house, the native will be happy, powerful and lustreful.

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He will also be blessed with children. If Gulika be in the 12th house the native will have no liking for sexual pleasures. He will be poor and incur heavy expenditure.

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The Janma Lagna or Janma Rasi of the native will be a sign that is triangular to that occupied by Gulika or the navamsa indentical with the one occupied by Mandi. If Gulika be associated with the Sun, The native will have a father who will be the cause of the death of his father. If Gulika be with the Moon, the mother of the native will be in distress.

If Gulika be with Mars, the native will be separated from his brothers. If Gulika be with Mercury, the native will become insane.

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The association of Gulika always causes evil effects. Wherever Yamakantaka is associated good has to be expected. White Gulika is very powerful in causing evil, Yamakantaka is powerful in causing good. All the other upagrahas possess only half the power that Mandi has in causing evil. In producing effects Gulkia is similar to Saturn, Yamakantaka is like Jupiter.

Ardhaprahara acts like Mercury and Kala is like Rahu. Its effects will be bad if it occupies an inauspicious house. According to Parasara if the other houses along with their lords be conjoined with Dhuma and other upagrahas, these houses will be destroyed. Dhuma will always cause trouble from heat, danger from fire and mental agony. Yamakantaka in the same position will cause danger from horned animals or death through qudrupeds.

Paridhi or parvesh will create fear of water and the native will suffer from watery diseases. He will suffer from imprisonment. Indrachapa or Indra Dhanus will get the native hit by a stone and wounded by weapons.

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He will also suffer humiliation. Ketu or Upaketu will cause hit, a fall etc. Objects and Properties tab of the configuration dialog. A summary with all Arabic parts and their calculation rule can be seen in the Text View. Toggle navigation Home. Warning: Java script is not activated in your browser. Some features may not work properly. Gulika in conjunction with the Sun indicates that the father will be short-lived, in conjunction with the Moon proves harmful for mother, in conjunction with Mars makes brothers unfortunate and unhelpful and separation from brothers, in conjunction with Mercury it makes one a fool or mentally ill, in conjunction with Jupiter, unscrupulous, in conjunction with Venus it makes one seek women of ill-repute, in conjunction with Saturn it makes one suffer many calamities, ailments, leprosy and be short-loved, and in conjunction with Rahu or Ketu gives infections and diseases and imbalance.

If a person is born with Gulika situated in Tyajyakaala i. The planet in conjunction with Yamakantaka and the bhava occupied by it flourish, they give good results. The rest produce evil results. The good or bad indicated by these Upagrahas is experienced during the course of the dashas of the lords of the bhavas they happen to be in and according to the status of their dispositors. If the dispositor of Gulika is in a kendra or a trikona vested with requisite strength in own or exaltation or friendly sign then one possesses a pleasing personality, is popular and famous and enjoys the benefits of Raja yoga , he becomes a powerful ruler.

Kalidasa in his Uttara Kalamrita recommends the use of Mandi for the purpose of Lagna-shuddhi.

conscouplingrosthos.ml He states — find out the rasis and the navamsas occupied by Mandi and the Moon, the rising lagna at the time of birth will be in the sign occupied by Mandi or the Moon or in the 7th sign or in the 5th or in the 9th from these two or from the navamsa occupied, whichever is stronger. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is a rough translation from another language. It may have been generated by a computer or by a translator without dual proficiency.

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Motilal Banarsidass. Untold Vedic Astrology: Logical exploration of key principles in Vedic astrology. Ramakrishna Fundamentals of Astrology.

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